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Your 2020 New Year Resoultions

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Dear [First Name],


Welcome to 2020! If you're like most folks, you're probably hard at work on your usual list of resolutions: Eat healthier, exercise more, stop buying the stuff you don't need, etc.


So what are your professional resolutions? To make 2020 a game-changing year for you, here’s what we recommend you pin down as your resolutions for this new year:

•   Adopt and exploit disruptive technologies to become successful
•   Deliver innovation at scale
•   Plan for continuous change
•   Leverage the latest strategies for ongoing legacy modernization
•   Develop the skills needed to continue the digital transformation
•   Adopt a design thinking approach

Choose one or choose them all; make sure you set some application-specific goals for the coming year! Have a great new year and good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions!

See Infographic




Gartner Application Summit Team


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